Nick Easter is currently in the news about a dramatic bungee jump that he has agreed to take part in as part of the finals of the European Cup.

Whether his fans get to see him perform the feat or not, it surely raises hopes among his fans see their favorite ex rugby star in the field or when the finals are being played Murrayfield. For Nick Easter as well this would be an opportunity to be part of the action, even if he watches it off the field.

It was not too long ago that he announced his retirement from the game. Having been a forward player for Harlequins and England, he decided to move to coaching which is a natural choice for many. At the age of 37 when he decided to retire, he had already played about 281 times for the club as well as won a total of 54 caps. He had been three world cup events when he played for England.

When Harlequins were victorious in winning the title in 2012 Premiership league, he was one of the several players on the team who made it possible. His position was to be as a coach after retirement with Quins team. At the time of taking the decision he stated that being a coach and a player was hard work and hence he decided that he would not continue with the dual role anymore. This also opened up the opportunity to become a full fledged coach. He also feels that the opportunity to start off his coaching career with Quins was a privilege that he had obtained. Now that he is getting ready to be part of the Heineken challenge will be something unique that will get his fans to feast their eyes on him.