Nick Easter, the 37 year old player for Harlequins, decided to quit playing the game in order to coach the side full time.

He could not spend quality time on both coaching and playing for the Harlequins and hence decided to call it quits in July. Now, that he is relieved from being a player in the side, he can coach the team well and that too full time. Nick had accepted the role of being a player-coach of the team in April this year and was in charge of the defense.

Easter took this decision of quitting the game and being a full time coach as he felt that he could not do justice to either of the jobs at the same time. He got some time to think about his career when director of rugby of Quins, John Kingston, gave hi the dual role. He was also an England rugby international and last appeared for his country in the 2015 World Rugby Cup.

He feels that taking up coaching full time at this age is a very good option and he can give it his best shot. He has been a player for Harlequins for the past 12 years and now can make his own decisions. He says that he is thoroughly enjoying the role of the coach and is not at all wrong about the decision that he took. He is looking forward to working with the team and to share all his experience that he had in his 12 year old career as a player for Quins.

Easter made a total of 281 appearances for Harlequins in his long career and joined the club from Orrell in 2004. He was most capped rugby professional in the Quins team. Kingston feels that Nick has seen great success in his playing career and will do so in his coaching stint as well.