There are some players who need to decide how to retire from the field before they start sustaining too many injuries and have to retire in a defeated manner.

For others, age and experience simply brings on more opportunities as they showcase leadership skills and the ability to take up responsibility for others. Nick Easter is one such name on the roster.

Being of 37 years of age, he has been capped 54 times for playing for England and has played internationally as well as for the Premiership teams. Whilst fans might have hoped to have been able to see him having bough tickets through this link, they will now sadly be disappointed as he turns his career to off-the-pitch.

Already having coached for an amateur team in Wimbledon in the last two years, he has now being appointed as the defense coach for Harlequins, the team that he presently plays for.

He is the number eight player of the team but the new responsibilities will need him to juggle both duties, that of a player as well as of a coach at the Premiership club. The changes have been proposed by Conor, the director of rugby of the team who is on his way out. Though there are several changes being brought about for the club in the New Year, Easter is optimistic about the changes.

He feels that there would be a lot of learning and he would also be making several mistakes. But he is up to that and would be looking to learn and develop his career as a coach in the new few years. It is often difficult for players to decide when to let go professional playing and for Nick Easter it just got easier. Being offered the role of a defense coach will help him move to a full-fledged coaching career in the near future. Till now he would be juggling dual roles. It would certainly be a challenge that he is looking forward to.