Rugby leagues seem to be gaining prominence and they are emerging from the grassroots levels. Australian rugby has been one of the superpowers in the game and whether they win the summer tour or not against England this time, history will not change of the number of times the Wallabies team has showcased their rugby power to the world.

The English tour has definitely showcased the developed skills and strategies that are being used by both teams who are playing at a higher level of competition than ever before. What Eddie Jones and his team is giving us is worth appreciating where no team will be knocked out at the initial rounds like last year.

The game seems to be capturing headlines more and more in the world of sports. For instance, women’s games have been getting more attention and their successes are being showcased around the world.

So is the Sevens team as HSBC team returns to have a great team in place in the world of rugby. The Olympics that looms ahead this year will be seeing a lot of countries scrambling to up the code so that they get an opportunity to play and to win Olympic titles in this game.

There are certain differences that exist between rugby league games and the union games. The latter games have an international appeal but there is more talk and politics involved than true skills and the physical prowess that needs to be focused upon.

These are points that need to be considered and to help develop the game to a true international standard across the world, in comparison to other games like football. Rugby is gaining importance in the northern hemisphere as well as it has been in the southern hemisphere. Many people are looking forward to working out careers in this game and it seems to offer sustainable career choices as well.