Nick Easter takes on promotion to being the defense coach of Harlequins. He will be playing as well as coaching at this club. He admits that he will not be flawless, but he will definitely look out for the team. There would be challenges as Nick would be combining playing along with being a defense coach for Harlequins.

Many players often find it difficult to decide when they need to give up their playing career. Some are lucky though to get it as they would like it. Nick Easter is one such case. He is 37 years of age, but he is strong on the field even then. He has been offered the position of being a defense coach for Harlequins. Hence, if he decides to quit, he can do so and continue to be a coach for the team.

Graham coaches the team for the forward position. Graham Rowntree has become the forward coach for Harlequins which he will assume from the next season. He was formerly the forward coach for England. John Kingston will become director of the team at the same time. Nick is happy for the turn of events. He did not foresee, but he feels that it definitely helps him to take the decision to end his playing career when he feels like as he already has another assignment on hand. Most players who are nearing the end of their game are hesitant to stop playing and to give it up. They are unsure when to stop and feel that they still have some potential left in them. This would no longer be a problem for Nick. Though he did not see it coming, it is definitely a challenging new role for him, to be a coach and a player for the club which secures his future as well.