The club might be considering a move to the sports hub at Lansdowne Park along with Central rugby club. However, not everyone is in favor of this move. There are committee members of Harlequins club who do not want the clubroom to be sold.

Hence, the current situation sees the two clubs going over the pros and cons of selling the club rooms and the consequences of the same. The council has asked Central and Harlequins to sell their club rooms in Lansdowne Park. This is accordance with the plans that the council has for the sports hub.

It is rumored that the sales proceeds would then be put back into the hub. There would be more space created for other sports teams and the clubs would be able to lease new space for their club room in the same premises.

The plans are being made by Marlborough District Council. While Central club is ready to comply with the plans, Harlequins is still mulling over the details and consequences of the move. There is a lot of history that is associated with the clubrooms for which reason many committee and life members are against the selling of the old club rooms.

Some are of the opinion that councils are formed every few years and there is always need for additional revenue and for new development.

Hence, there might not be any surety that the new establishment would not be up for sale again. The Harlequins club rooms were formed when the Redwood, Old Boys and Opawa were united in the year 1994.
Many feel that the club rooms are assets for the boys who will be part of the club in the future and hence it is important that the legacies are retained. However, it is often that old need to make way for the new.