Erstwhile All Black Ranger (Rene) would be reportedly getting back to Blues the upcoming season & would be available for playing in ITM Cup for the North Harbour, this year.

Rene has received early discharge from his deal with the French squad Montpellier post a couple of seasons. The 28-year-old scored twenty-five tries in Super Rugby 65 caps for Blues, relishing 6 caps for All Blacks. Ranger is one of the biggest fan favorites in Montpellier, where he secured 6 tries in 1st fifteen games which helped his team with a mighty season this year in Euro Club Championships.

He said that his retreat to NZ is mostly for the family reasons.

“To me, it’s always the family that comes first & that’s a huge motivator for my return. I am looking forward to help mom more”, said Ranger who is surely a doted son.
Once he came up with the decision, it wasn’t hard to find out Blues.

“I initiated my career at Super with them & they’ve always been really close. JK has been a huge support always & motivated me big to come up with my best performance everytime.”

He is quite thrilled with this great prospect of getting back to the squad which he feels is improving fast.

“They’re quite a credible side yet it’s the execution which is a cause of concern here. I am hopeful to play a good role here as backs fet really amazed with the very front foot-ball Blues have been getting. I’ll return home as a better player. I’m pretty stronger mentally & I have learnt huge which I am hopeful to utilize here in Blues environ.”
“It is a wonderful news that Ranger has been selected to resume career in NZ”, stated Steve Tew, the CEO of NZ Rugby.