Chris Robshaw, who is the captain of England National Rugby Union Team has said that Nick Easter who plays for the Harlequins team, is performing better with age. Nick Easter who is now 36 years old became the man of the match in the European Rugby Championship Cup match, Harlequins versus Leinster that took place on Sunday 7th December. Harlequins defeated Leinster 24-18.

Robshaw confirmed that he considers Nick Easter to be one of the best players in England to play in the Number Eight Position. Robshaw said that Easter is an excellent player and it is very much advantageous to play alongside him. Conor O’Shea, the director of Rugby of Harlequins team has said that he thinks that Easter’s fitness will let him continue playing internationally. He said that though his career is coming to an end he will be able to continue playing for some more years.

Nick Easter participated in a premiership match for the first time at the age of 26. Joe Marler, the captain of Harlequins thinks that Easter is a natural rugby player. His father used to be one of the top Squash players. Easter said that his rugby qualities might be inherent. Easter said that the reason behind the fact that he is still able to play rugby at the age of 36 might be due to the fact that before he started playing rugby professionally, he led a normal life. Easter said that from the age of 19 to 21 his body wasn’t harmed as much as it would’ve been if he played rugby professionally at the time. Easter also said that though there are some young and big players playing the game, their body is getting damaged especially if they’re playing in at the centre or in the front. He also thinks that for a rugby player, brawn is as important as brain if not more.