Nick Easter is considered the stalwart of the Harlequins; and the stalwart’s aim is to show that age is not an obstacle when playing for England is concerned.

According to Conor O’Shea who is the club boss of Nick Easter, the player has been showing the best rugby of his career. He believes that Easter’s age should not be a hindrance in his sports career. He also pointed out that Nick is still younger than what players like Osdu Randt, Brad Thorn and Neil Back were when they had won the last three world cup tournaments.

Thus, Nick Easter’s skills have shown that whether he is at number eight or lock, he is still in form enough for a longer sports career.

Easter says of himself that he has never been retired and that he would love it if he got involved again. He feels he is completely deserving of being allowed to play for England again.

He says, “I feel that I’ve been banging on the door for a long time, and deservedly so. I still feel perfectly capable of playing for England”. He surely feels better presently that what he felt when he last played or at the beginning. He has a greater impact now but fact remains that he has to go on the way he is. Easter says, “I like what the Quins guys tell me about the direction England are going, but all I can do is carry on as I am going, not least in big games like this one coming up.”

The player certainly feels that he should not have been among the discards after the misery of the 2011 World Cup, no matter what the justification is from Lancaster about the clear outs. In Eater’s words, “It ended very, very sourly. We completely underachieved and, for me, there is still unfinished business.”