One of the biggest names in the world of rugby is that of Nick Easter. He currently plays for England and the Harlequins, at No. 8. Nick Easter started working in London, and after a brief spell there, he moved to Orrell, and then on to the Harlequins, where he has stayed since then.

It was in 2007, when he joined England, and it was during the 2007 Six Nations tournament, where England won against Italy.

During a match with Wales, Nick Easter scored four tries, and England beat Wales by a whopping margin of 62-5. This was a World Cup warm up game, which was being held at Twickenham. And since then, Easter has been and is, the only No. 8 who has scored four tries in a single match for England.

And as far as his stint with the Harlequins is concerned, Nick Easter has been termed the Player of the Year by the Harlequins twice, once in 2004 and again in 2005, back to back. And this has helped him gain a great deal of leverage with the England rugby team. And he did not stop here, because again on 2012, he won the Harlequin Player of the Year award, when he was the age of thirty four.

Apart from these, Nick Easter also got selected for the World Cup squad, where he started six matches. This was in 2007, and he had a huge role to play which influenced the England team to make it to the finals that year. And his list of accolades goes on and on. He has been named the Man of the Match on several occasions. In the year 2012, he somehow could not make it into the England team, but he has since then contributed a great deal to the Harlequins.