Anyone who is interested in the game of rugby, must come across the name of nick easter, who is an ace rugby player playing for England or Harlequins. This 34 year old is also the brother of the very famous Mark easter who plays for sale sharks club.

He hails from a sports background where his father was a world famous squash player and his grand-father too was a well known sports personality. He started playing for England in the year 2007 and his team won the match against Italy. He also has won the award for Harlequins Player of the year, for consecutive seasons of 2004-2005 as well as 2005-2006. This had helped nick easter to gain recognition as a world class rugby player of his time.

There are many other achievements of this famous rugby player. He had won the man of the match title in the matches of six nation’s tournament of rugby in 2008. He has also played quite a few matches for the same tournament in the next year. In the year 2010, during the England tour of Australia he won the title of the man of the match which also helped England to secure its first win after 7 years.

In the same year during the second half, nick easter was chosen as the captain for the country and played the autumn international tournament against Samoa. Needless to say, England won the match!

With fame, comes controversy. Nick could not evade that too. During the Rugby Union World Cup in 2011, while playing against France, nick was reportedly the player who was involved in passing some unpleasant comments against the opponents. However these issues have not been able to undo the splendid performance he has given on the field as a player. Indeed nick is one of the best rugby players of his time and many more years to follow.